The alms project: small jute bowl, orange & white twine


This small bowl measures 9cm across and is made from jute, 3M Super 77 spray adhesive, and upcycled orange twine and white string.  Perfect for holding coins, jewellery, and other knickknacks.

100% of proceeds go toward food security efforts in KW.


Littlefoot Community Projects is a not-for profit aimed at alleviating poverty and food insecurity in Kitchener-Waterloo.  The alms project is a small effort to raise funds for the setup of future programs and to ensure the smooth operation of the project as a whole.

These handmade bowls are made from durable jute cord and upcycled materials.  The tradition of almsgiving exists across many cultures as a way of practicing generosity and humility.  With each purchase, we water our seeds of gratitude and we are reminded to uphold our commitment to social justice.

To learn more about our efforts please visit our website:
or contact me directly:

Thank you!

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