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Hailing from the school of self taught, I have an expansive background in creative journalism, live production management and advertising. I also have a knack for illustration and true to life 'pencil rendering'. I have always been drawn to the concept of Barterworks and just recently decided to try my hand in contributing my own natural talents and immersing myself in that of other people who share their gifts. 

I have always loved creative writing and see it as one of my strong suits. For one and a half years I was a regular columnist for a local entertainment magazine. "Seriously Funny" was my primary niche within the magazine where I focused on interviewing Canada's top stand-up comedy performers and covering surrounding events such as the Uptown Waterloo Comedy Festival. Perhaps you may need some colourful text to co-encide with your up and coming event or product release? I could be your go to writer!

In the past, I have also had my hand in the conception, promotion, and management of multiple live events. For seven years I ran a heavy metal annual event called Molten Metal Mayhem and currently play host to various stand-up comedy shows. I am fairly well versed in lighting and sound tech, as well as stage arrangement, event promotions and co-ordination

I can also provide a unique style of art illustration that focuses on sci-fi / fantasy or even true-to-life portrait work

Outside of spare time, I work on home renovation, painting, and landscaping. I would love to hear from you! 



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Through various teachings I have acquired the ability to draw fantastic characters from existing comic book lore, to...

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