Gemstones and Crystals

$5-40, 50-100% B$

In this collection I've designed precious stones into jewellery that can be worn just for its beauty or for healing purposes.

Some stand alone, others are uniquely wrapped with a non-tarnished silver wire, creating a design all of its own.  Each piece is one of a kind.  

Are you in need of some spiritual healing?  This collection also includes a variety of loose gem stones for your individual needs, your stones can be worn alone or with others in an expandable cage to wear as a necklace (pictured on the left).  You can change your stones every day according to your mood. 

The pictured pieces are a of part of a broader collection, please contact me to learn about shows where you can view more of my work. 

To view full images of individual pieces, please click on the photo.

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