Body Image Workshop - Reclaiming Body Sovereignty


Reclaiming Body Sovereignty
~with Sydney Bell

Free Workshop
Saturday August 6th, 2 - 3:30 PM
The Hive and Grove
226 Frederick St, Kitchener

Join Sydney Bell, Counsellor and Body Image Coach for a free workshop on Reclaiming Body Sovereignty at the Hive and Grove in Kitchener, Ontario. At this session you will have the opportunity to learn about becoming more fully present in your body and joyfully claiming space in the world.
Sydney's approach to helping people build a positive body image through reclaiming body sovereignty is grounded in three core elements: mindfulness, compassion and discernment. Come and find out what body sovereignty is all about, and about the vital role the elements of mindfulness, compassion and discernment play in living a body sovereign life.

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About Sydney
Sydney Bell is a counsellor and body image coach whose practice has newly relocated to Kitchener, Ontario. Sydney offers counselling and body image coaching services out of The Hive and Grove. To stay connected, join Sydney's email list, Living Body Sovereign, with regular information about upcoming information sessions, workshops and e-course opportunities.

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