Garden and Lawn Care


Do you need someone to look after your outdoor space? Maybe you are going away on vacation, to busy, unable, or your green thumb isn't working. I can help!

My name is Sarah I love the outdoors. I have five years experience in the garden industry. I enjoy my own garden and am in school for Environmental studies. I have experience in plant specific/ location specific needs, general care and landscape design. I can also give you suggestions on Eco-friendly outdoor spaces!

Services Offered:

·         Lawn Maintenance

·         Garden Weeding,

·         Watering

·         Planting

·         General Care (such as dead heading/ pruning)

·         Design Consultation

·         Eco-Ideas

I also have some knowledge of common plant ailments and cures ( such as mildew, mites, black spot etc) and would be happy to help if you have any plant related questions.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to set up a time!

*If you would like lawn maintenance please be aware that it will have to be completed using your own equipment.

Thanks! Have a great day!



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