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My name is Jamie and I am a potter. I have been honing my craft for 12 years as a hobby and I am looking forward to doing more of it as a part of my livelihood.  My other passions are gardening, playing frizbee and spending time with friends and neighbours.

Pottery is special to me because of the creativity of the process and its vast history in many different cultures.  I also love the practicality of the craft. I have taken three pottery courses at the Waterloo Potters Workshop and in 2007.

I also offer pottery lessons in my home for $20/hour (materials included). I really enjoy teaching and have 4 years experience.  Additionally, I offer group classes up to 4 participants at $15/hour.  The best places of exchange for me are the Waterloo Patters Workshop in Waterloo Park or my neighbourhood of Central Frederick in Kitchener.  You can also find me at the Kitchener Market on Saturdays and the Frederick Art Walk in November.  I am also happy to do custom orders so feel free to contact me about that.  

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