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Hello! My name is Kitty O and I am the owner of Perched Bird Studio. I make soap with all natural ingredients for those who share my interests in eco-friendly products and sustainable living.

Personally, I know that I resonate most with products that I can feel good about using, with products that abide by ethical principles and are made without harsh chemicals or dyes. My soap stays true to these principles and I am excited to provide you with a quality, handmade product that you can feel good about!

Perched Bird Studio originated in Waterloo, Ontario, but I suppose you could say the idea sparked while I was living in Thailand in 2014. I lived there for two months at a wildlife rescue centre. I remember discussing with one of my roommates how I would love to learn the art of soap making, but I didn’t really know when I would make my plans a reality. I said that I could imagine it becoming a hobby once I was a middle aged woman with my life a little more settled.

Two years later I made my first batch of soap – much earlier in life than originally planned! I prioritized my dream and started experimenting with my first batches of soap. In the beginning I started by reading many soap making books and getting the basics down. Since then, I've met up with other soap-makers to share tips and techniques to perfect the art. I started off by developing my basic soap making skills of what oils to use and in what percentages, ensuring quality well before diving into anything more elaborate. Over time, as my momentum gained, I've invested into perfecting my production method, keeping detailed records of all my batches along with feedback I've received to ensure the ultimate perfection for all my batches.

I am excited to provide this soap for people who are seeking quality, handmade and all natural products that they can feel good about!

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I use the cold process method to make homemade soap. I balance the percentages of each oil used to ensure that every...

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