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My name is Melody Alderwick and I live with my wife, Shelley, and our cats, Walter and Lita, at Bread and Roses Co-op in Kitchener.  I crochet and design items for the family:  dish cloths, afghans, baby blankets, slippers, booties, bibs, hats, scarves, head bands, bottle holders, owls, cactus pin cushions and many other things. 

I began knitting and crocheting at a young age - taught by my mother, then left it for a while when I was busy working and taking care of kids.  A few years ago I began crocheting again by making dish cloths for our household.  Then my children asked for them, their friends asked as well, then our friends and family started asking for dish cloths so I decided that if that many people liked them I would try selling them.  This began my journey into festivals and markets selling my crochet items.

I sell at the Kitchener Market, the UpTown Waterloo Market, The Multicultural Festival, The Cherry Festival and many other festivals within the Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge area.

My blankets and afghans are all hand made and designed by me.  Everything is handmade.  I take orders and will make custom items.

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