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The reason I like to sew children's clothing is because they look so cute! I am proud of the clothes I sew because they look good on the kids.

I have taken sewing courses: sewing with knits, fine fabrics and school courses.

Anecdote: My sewing teacher in grade school was always frustrated and yelled at the class. I knew I could sew and I really liked it. I learned to sew and  to create clothing that makes people happy, in spite of my teacher.

I create ready to wear clothing for boys and girls from infant sizes up to and including pre-school. Some of the things I like to make are:  big boy baggy shorts, button shirts, t-shirts,  and dresses.

Many clothes I make to help children to learn to dress themselves because there are no zippers, buttons, etc. This is for both boys and girls with the classic shorts, t-shirts, and dresses.

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