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Michelle Bishop

Hello!!  I'm a work-at-home Mom to three beautiful children who are growing up faster each day!  When my kids are at school, I run my own home daycare service (sorry, no spaces available).  We are a busy family who enjoy being active in the community.

During nap time and in the evenings, I love to sew and quilt.  I've been quilting for about 3 years now, and I love to experiment and try...

Susan Willmott

Hi, my name is Susan at Critters.etc.  I make toy animals, baby clothes and mittens and scarves. Most of what I make is knitted, but I do some crocheting and embroidery too.. I have been knitting and crocheting for most of my life,but I have started selling the things I make recently. I can do custom orders and  have already made baby clothes, scarves and toy animals. I am at the BarterWorks...


I'm a website creation expert with over 10 years experience.

Worth A Second Look

Worth a Second Look Furniture & Housewares is a retail outlet whose goal is to provide the community with low-cost used furniture and assorted houseware items while keeping reusable goods out of landfills and creating opportunities for employment.

Worth a Second Look provides the community with a number of services designed to help individuals establish for themselves a place they...

D. Morton

I am a fully trained, licensed hairstylist.

All services are available at 100% barter (minus any product cost for colour, perm, etc) and all services are available in the comfort of your home.

All prices are negotiable.

Christine Robinson

complete profile later

Melody Alderwick

My name is Melody Alderwick and I live with my wife, Shelley, and our cats, Walter and Lita, at Bread and Roses Co-op in Kitchener.  I crochet and design items for the family:  dish cloths, afghans, baby blankets, slippers, booties, bibs, hats, scarves, head bands, bottle holders, owls, cactus pin cushions and many other things. 

I began knitting and crocheting at a young age - taught by...

Alison Rogers

I am a piano and music theory teacher with 15 plus years of experience. I hold a BA with minor in Music from Wilfrid Laurier University. I love teaching music because it allows young people to communicate emotions that can't be expressed with words alone. It also allows young children, who might be dealing with high levels of stress or a disability to learn while having fun, as well as giving...

Littlefoot Community Projects

Hello, I am Vanessa.  I am a Kitchener resident, gardener, and co-founder of Littlefoot Community Projects.  My partner and I started Littlefoot in June 2018, with the purpose of relieving poverty by operating social enterprises related to food security in Kitchener-Waterloo.  I am passionate about critical food studies, hoping to build a sensitive, reflexive, and equitable community food...

Martin Edmonds

Martin supports IT at The Working Centre.

Don Weber

I've done mostly Services for BW members, B$13/hr for tasks + 25c/km, such as:

Small moves (Deborah will give reference !) garden tilling with gas Cultivator - see listing. Small handyman jobs if I have the skills needed Did BW paper directory deliveries, and hauled tables for Open Streets last two years.Gave Free advice on Free Local Satellite replacement for lost TV Antenna signals....

Lynn White

The reason I like to sew children's clothing is because they look so cute! I am proud of the clothes I sew because they look good on the kids.

I have taken sewing courses: sewing with knits, fine fabrics and school courses.

Anecdote: My sewing teacher in grade school was always frustrated and yelled at the class. I knew I could sew and I really liked it. I learned to sew and  to...


My name is Suad Yassin  and I am a  Fine Arts and Lifestyle Photographer. based out of Kitchener and Waterloo. Majority of my photography is of local cities and townships ranging from Paris Ontario to Elora.


My love for fine art photography started at a young age through my travels. Living in Spain, I fell  in love with the architecture and culture. I picked up my first camera at...

Heather Haidysh

Born and raised on a small farm in Woolwich, I am a true country girl at heart! From a very young age I learned the importance of raising animals and taking care of the land because both provide food for the body and soul!

Being from a German background, I also spent a lot of time in the kitchen learning my baking skills from my mother. I know the importance of eating healthy, but also...

Recycle Cycles

As a community bicycle shop, Recycle Cycles focuses on promoting cycling by making bicycle purchase, maintenance and repair accessible and affordable.

This Working Centre Community Tool provides:
• Inexpensive reconditioned bicycles for children and adults
• Shop facilities for individuals to repair and maintain their own bikes (please book an appointment)
• A large supply...

Annie Yang

Hello, my name is Annie and I offer a few services:

Korean Fusion Luncheon cateringKorean Cuisine Cooking ClassesResidential Cleaning, Organizing and Housekeeping Personal Support for Seniors

My background is in the hotel industry and I've worked in hotels for over 17 years in South Korea and Switzerland.  I really loved this work because I enjoy helping people and bringing them comfort...

Vern Brundle

Vern here 

I have 20- 8"x8"x15" split faced block For Sale

$6.00 ea Delivered In KW

All Barter.

Call Vern 519-741-7422 


My name is Grace Niezen and I design and sew purses and bags as Gracey2GO. Most of my bags are one of a kind and/or custom made.I have been sewing most of my life, and have sewn and sold hundreds of purses in the past few years. 

I enjoy collaborating with the customer to make a bag that is functional and reflects their personality. The hunt for unique fabrics and supplies in thrift...

Wendy Martin

Hi! I'm Wendy.  I am a full time Mom with 2 boys at home and an older step-son.  I have some health challenges and use "craft therapy" to keep me going.  I enjoy stamping and papercrafting.  I sell premade gift and greeting cards and I also do custom orders and design services.  This includes party/wedding favours, invitations, decorations and more.  I also do picture organization, scanning,...

Tyler Dombroski

Hailing from the school of self taught, I have an expansive background in creative journalism, live production management and advertising. I also have a knack for illustration and true to life 'pencil rendering'. I have always been drawn to the concept of Barterworks and just recently decided to try my hand in contributing my own natural talents and immersing myself in that of other people who...

Perched Bird Studio

Hello! My name is Kitty O and I am the owner of Perched Bird Studio. I make soap with all natural ingredients for those who share my interests in eco-friendly products and sustainable living.

Personally, I know that I resonate most with products that I can feel good about using, with products that abide by ethical principles and are made without harsh chemicals or dyes. My soap stays...


Hello there!

My name is Sandy and at The Working Centre, my role is mainly in computer training.  Working here has opened up so much of the Kitchener community and I see how wonderful it can be to connect, support, and engage with each other.

I have a wide variety of experiences and skills that may be helpful to others and I look forward to our connection through The Local Exchange...

Steve Fixit

We are a small home-based business dedicated in providing you with high quality and reliable repair service for your pc and netbooks.

We offer solutions that work best for you, Right in Your Home. If you have a pc that you think needs servicing, then give us a call.

Software Solutions For Your PC Needs


For More Info, Visit Our Website at :



Alicia is my name.

I am a freelance photographer based out of the Waterloo Region.

Combining both my love of photography and my love of sports has been one of the most rewarding and thrilling things I've done in my life so far.

I also enjoy capturing a person’s soul, emotions, and their personality and taking the time to get to know them one-on-one in front of my lens.



Reflection is devoted to dancing as a form of self-expression and inner exploration.  No experience is required; simply focus on the music and respond to the rhythm.

Reflection welcomes people of all abilities, genders, orientations, and religions. Unfortunately, the dance space is not wheelchair accessible.

A video of a similar dance can be viewed here

Claudia Carver

Claudia Carver worked for most of her adult life as a social worker. For several years she was a freelance writer. Now she sells vintage linen, kitchen collectibles, vintage sewing notions, such as buttons, and anything else that catches her eye. Check out her items out on ETSY , EBay and Kijiji. Many are available for 50% barter.

Cocos Nucifera

  Cocos Nucifera

We strongly believe in supporting DIY projects and local economies. We love alternative forms of economy and are open to barter and work exchanges.

All of our products are Handmade in Kitchener with only Natural and when possible, Organic ingredients. Our ingredients have been researched for their effective and potent medicinal, as well...

Mariette H. Foisy

I am a Host at The Working Center and love doing crafts which I sell at the BarterWorks Market day.

I also operate a cleaning business called  Best Guy&Girls Around Cleaning Service.

" We don't cut corners, we clean the corners"

Contact me for our special offers for new clients.  10% discount for seniors.  $B negotiable



Meghan and Alfred

We are a downtown Kitchener family with three kids who aspire to live simply, with a tendency toward community..

Some of our interests are: gardening, sewing, cycling, baking and making., fermentation  and a recent passion: chainsawing.

We are involved in community gardening, bread oven baking, beer and wine making, re-purposing clothes and milling our own flour.

A list of...

Tricia - Water's Edge

Welcome to Water's Edge.

My name is Tricia and I am the artisan behind the name.

I have always loved being by the water. The tranquillity of the waves, the calming of the sand beneath my feet, and discovering the beauty in the colours, textures of the gemstones and the shells I had found. They were gifts created by nature all found by the water's edge and so became the name "Water'...

Vicky Lucas

Hi! My name is Vicky.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile!

I enjoy being self-employed in a number of areas.

I have a creative side which affords me the ability and time to make functional and decorative pottery, as well as unique, beaded earrings. I also offer typing services. 

Perhaps you will find something you are looking for.

For Barterworks...


Greetings and Welcome!

We handcraft all of our items, so this means each one will have it's own unique, one-of-a-kind personality.


Carolyn Good

Carolyn Dawn Good BFA

I like to help people relearn to trust their own creativity and inner wisdom, thru lessons and projects that give people tools for thinking, not just techniques. I'm versed in many mediums but love to try new ones too. 

Over the years I have been living out and writing an archetypical story that...

The Hacienda Sarria Market Garden

The Hacienda Sarria Market Garden, a Working Centre Community Tool, is a volunteer-driven initiative to develop an inclusive, hands-on learning environment to demonstrate, promote, and share knowledge about sustainable local food production and environmental stewardship.  We act as a social entrepreneurship by functioning as a business that is committed to community building, environmental...

Jessica Carbone


     My name is Jess and I am offering the following things

-House Cleaning (so I cover everything, if its in a house, I can clean it!!)

-Basic Home Maintenance (painting, patching small holes, changing hardware, hanging stuff, just ask and I'll let you know)

-Child Care (your home or mine, I am highly qualified with experience as the oldest of 6, the mother of a 3...

Greg Roberts

For many years I worked  at The Working Centre. I was very fortunate to be there when BarterWorks needed a new office coordinator.  On and off for 10 years I learned about BarterWorks with the many wonderful people who are members.

My newest project has me starting a new business called Plane & Simple Home Repair and Renovations.  I also run a business with my partner Karin called...

Debbie Ross

My name is Debbie and in 2011 I discovered the Smartklean laundry ball that does NOT use harmful chemicals to clean our clothes.  It truly does work and now all I need is the Smartklean laundry ball to have clean clothes without harmful chemical residue.  It comes with a 2 week guarantee!

 Barterworks members have an opportunity to purchase a laundry ball, that washes clothes WITHOUT the...


Kristi is a sustainable builder/carpenters apprentice. She loves canoe trips, hiking and has a strong interest in herbalism.

Although she no longer lives in Kitchener, and no longer uses barter dollars, Kristi is still open to bartering or exchanging services. Please contact her if you are interested :)

Sarah Michelle


My name is Sarah Michelle. I am a University of Waterloo undergraduate focusing in Knowledge Integration and Environmental Resource Studies. I am interested in learning new skills, interacting with diverse groups of people, and environmental and social movements.

My hobbies and interests include:
Design and Invention,
Painting and Sketching,

The Green Door

Welcome to the Green Door - a gently used clothing store.
The Green Door is a gently used clothing store that provides a welcoming and boutique-style shopping experience. 

Located just steps away from the Kitchener Market we have clothing for women, men and children.  Stop by to see what’s new!

We are open:
Monday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Tuesday: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Laurella Woodcock

I am a networker and community builder. Mingling and getting to know others and their strengths is what I do best. Please stop by the Barterwork Markets and events to say hello.

Diana Luna

I am a nutritionist passionated for local and organic foods, sustainability, waste reduction, healthy and holistic living, care of mother earth, and home gardening. 

Green Greg

This is a test account so I can ensure smooth functioning of the new Local Exchange website.  If you have found this profile and you would like to learn more about the real greg, please vist greg roberts profile or contact greg at

Heidi Wall

My name is Heidi Wall.  I am 26, and am married to a wonderful guy named Brent who is a writer and works in produce. We live in town here. I grew up in Kitchener near Grand River Hospital with my parents and two older brothers. My mother, who is a pianist and a violinist, taught me piano until Grade 9, and then I studied piano with my cousin Vanessa Yundt for a few years, and finally with Anya...

Roy Duncan and Mike Hickmott

Hi my name is Roy my crafting partners name is Mike

We both have been making jewelery for about 5 years now and also we do custom orders as well we also make more then just jewelery we have been getting into making dream catcher and masks as well as much can find us at the barters on queen street at commons cafe and our items are also on display and for sale at commons as we...

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