Autism Recovery Mentoring for families, educators, health professionals, and individuals dealing with autism

$85 per hour, up to %50 barter

I'm Jackie McMillan, an autism recovery guide; I’ve been there (rocking, droning, constant chewing, head-banging), and I know the territory. 

I help parents, educators, health practitioners, and autistic adults to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of ASDs (autistic spectrum disorders) so that autism no longer defines their lives, or limits their opportunities. 

I do this through talks, programs, products, and mentoring that reflect both the experience of autism, and the emerging research (still mostly in the journals) which both very clearly indicate a new and empowering model of autism recovery.

You won't find a more comprehensive model.  I help you figure out what you're missing if you're not getting the results you want, with autism.

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