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My name is Heidi Wall.  I am 26, and am married to a wonderful guy named Brent who is a writer and works in produce. We live in town here. I grew up in Kitchener near Grand River Hospital with my parents and two older brothers. My mother, who is a pianist and a violinist, taught me piano until Grade 9, and then I studied piano with my cousin Vanessa Yundt for a few years, and finally with Anya Alexeyev at WLU, whom I later completed a BMus in piano performance with. My father, Paul Wall, is a piano technician in town, so I was lucky to always have a lovely instrument to practice on. Playing the piano has been a major part of my life thus far. If you'd like to read my bio or see when I'm performing next, my website has the details - <www.heidiwall.ca>

I love to play music for people. Exploring music with my teachers and students is a blessing to me. I have students ranging from 5 years old to retired, and I have taught beginner to advanced pianists. I work with about 20 students out of a private studio on 54 Pine Street (the house with the chickens), and practice during the day for various concerts that I get to perform. Sometimes I even get to travel to cool places in order to perform, like Caracas and Dublin this past summer!

Beethoven inspires me, because of his radical idealism, and brave heart. I am also inspired by various members of my family, who have dedicated their lives to the arts and sciences. 

The picture I chose is a painting by my Aunt Anne, who honoured my musical journey by painting this collage of important moments in my performance career and special family photos that show my heritage as a musician. It is a called "Rhapsody on a Theme for Heidi". 


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Sometimes I'm playing Debussy, sometimes Beethoven, and sometimes stuff written yesterday that no one has ever heard...


While I primarily perform recitals and concerts, I do have about 20 piano students, and some spaces for a few more. ...

30 - 1/2 Hour / 50 - Hour
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