Greg Roberts

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For many years I worked  at The Working Centre. I was very fortunate to be there when BarterWorks needed a new office coordinator.  On and off for 10 years I learned about BarterWorks with the many wonderful people who are members.

My newest project has me starting a new business called Plane & Simple Home Repair and Renovations.  I also run a business with my partner Karin called Little City Farm

Contact me for fresh vegetables,  help or advice on small projects around self-reliance and general construction.  Exchanges can be arranged at The Working Centre or at Little City Farm.  I accept BarterDollars for most goods or services 50 to 100% of total exchange




My listings



Space needed to store boards for a bike polo group.   The need about one thousand cubic feet (...


I am looking for wood carving hand tools (not for a lathe) to help out a fellow who is trying to get a business...


I am looking to start an indoor compost bin and need some red wrigglers as they have the biggest appetites.


Custom built cold frames.  typcial size 36" by 96" or made to fit your old storm windows.  For...

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