Wanted: Foreign Language Lessons

Cash or Skills Exchange: Negotiable

Having had experience learning language my whole life, the one I never really devoted much time to is French.  I would love to learn French so that I may be able to use it in conversation and/or travel and later on, possibly to some extent, in a professional environment as well.

I have learned German most of my time in school, but I haven't had time to practice speaking and would really love to advance my level to be fluent.

Korean is something I understand very well and I speak very well, but the key is to practice so that I can continue learning and using this wonderful language.


So, if you have fluency in any of these languages, I would love practice with you and learn more so that these skills that I obtain won't dissipate over time. 

We can discuss times and places, but I would enjoy learning at the cafe on Queen Street. 


Looking forward to our lessons!



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