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My name is Sandy and at The Working Centre, my role is mainly in computer training.  Working here has opened up so much of the Kitchener community and I see how wonderful it can be to connect, support, and engage with each other.

I have a wide variety of experiences and skills that may be helpful to others and I look forward to our connection through The Local Exchange.

My experiences and skills include: language training (fluent English/proficient Korean/basic German), editing and writing, creating marketing materials, painting, home renovation, multicultural cooking, global travel knowledge, music, organizing crowded spaces, social networking, crafts, and some botany/gardening.

Everybody has a vast array of knowledge and skills gathered from their own unique experiences in life.  We all have value and helping each other with our unique skill sets can be a great way to strengthen our community.  I look forward to seeing how we can help each other!

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