SPRING Is Coming ! - Garden Tilling or Edging Service

$B25 first 1/2 hr. + $B 9 if extra1/2 hr.

I can bring a Cultivator/Tiller to till your garden or part area. Great for mixing and amending soil about 4-5" deep. Layer in your provided compost, manure, or peat. Also have an attachment for lawn edging beside walks or drives.

Best done in the Fall or Spring when you can clean garden beforehand and do lots at once.

When we can arrange a time, I will till your PREPARED and marked garden bed.  Not for chewing up lawns to make garden.

Cost to bring tiller to you and up to 1/2 hr. tilling is     $B 25, + $B 9 if an extra 1/2 hr is needed.

Email DonMWeber@Gmail.com

Or call 226-241-6841.



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