Don Weber

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I've done mostly Services for BW members, B$13/hr for tasks + 25c/km, such as:

  • Small moves (Deborah will give reference !)
  • garden tilling with gas Cultivator - see listing. Small handyman jobs if I have the skills needed 
  • Did BW paper directory deliveries, and hauled tables for Open Streets last two years.
  • Gave Free advice on Free Local Satellite replacement for lost TV Antenna signals. Several members got it (it's over now).
  • Can advise on Rooftop Solar sytems feasiblity for your house, though  not selling it anymore

Try me,  I can see if I can do what you need and have time, I'm in West Kitchener

Don Weber 519-498-5513

My listings

I can bring a Cultivator/Tiller to till your garden or part area. Great for mixing and amending soil about 4-5" deep...

$B25 first 1/2 hr. + $B 9 if extra1/2 hr.
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