Korean Style Cooking Class

$30/hr plus ingredient costs.

Come with your friends or family and learn how to cook Korean food with me in a fun and welcoming setting!

I offer group cooking classes and I can come to your home or to another location such as a church.

I have fundamental knowledge of cooking from  my education and my experience in the hotel industry.  My cultural background and ethnic traditions which place and emphasis on food have shaped the way I approach cooking and hosting.

We can set a menu of dishes in advance according to your preferences.  To get your imagination going here are a few of my speciality dishes:

  • Sweet Potato Vermicelli and Vegetables (Japchae) - sweet potato glass noodles served with sautéed spinach, mushrooms, onion, carrots and garlic in sesame oil. 
  • Personal Size Potato Pizza (gluten free!) - A thin crust made of sliced potatoes and potato flour. Topped with tradition pizza toppings. 
  • Korean Sushi (Kimbap & Jumeokbap) - Kimbap is seasoned sticky rice and vegetables rolled in seaweed.  Jumeokbap are sticky rice balls seasoned with diced vegetables or meat and flavoured with sesame oil and seeds.

There are many more dishes we can explore, if there is something you are particularly interested in we can try that as well.

There is an old Korean proverb on which I shape my business: "Always welcome a guest with abundant food". 

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