Korean Fusion Lunch Catering

Prices vary

I'd like to introduce healthy, affordable, home-made food in a modified Korean style.  Try my lunches as a twist to your everyday lunch routine.

A few of my dishes include:

  • Sweet Potato Vermicelli and Vegetables (Japchae) - sweet potato glass noodles served with sautéed spinach, mushrooms, onion, carrots and garlic in sesame oil.  
  • Personal Size Potato Pizza (gluten free!) - A thin crust made of sliced potatoes and potato flour. Topped with tradition pizza toppings.  
  • Korean Sushi (Kimbap & Jumeokbap) - Kimbap is seasoned sticky rice and vegetables rolled in seaweed.  Jumeokbap are sticky rice balls seasoned with diced vegetables or meat and flavoured with sesame oil and seeds.

All of my orders may be customized according to personal preferences and diets.

My food is available at the Community market days the last Saturday of every month at the Queen St Commons Cafe at 43 Queen St.  

Currently a community kitchen is in the process of launching. Once this is organized I will be offering delivery services.  

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